1. This Will Destroy You - Invitation

    From the forthcoming album “Another Language”

    Released September 16th, 2014 on Suicide Squeeze Records


  2. It’s been awhile

    This Will Destroy You - Dustism

    From the forthcoming album “Another Language”

    Released September 16th, 2014 on Suicide Squeeze Records


  3. So I ran into Jónsi, Alex, and Jóhann Jóhannsson at the movies last night…

    Hello again, Tumblr. It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I am fortunate enough to be returning with another story. And news. Jónsi news, Alex news, and Jónsi & Alex news. And of course, pictures.

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  4. the36seconds:

    *takes notes*






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  5. EF - Lake Vaettern

    from their 2013 album, Ceremonies

  6. EF

  7. EF - Bells Bleed & Bloom

    from their 2013 album, Ceremonies

  8. EF


  9. I haven’t posted anything in forever but I need to show off

    This is a piece of melted film from Thursday night’s Godspeed You! Black Emperor show in Hollywood, given to me by their remarkably friendly projectionist, Karl Lemieux.

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  10. I did some things and transcribed this. I wish I could just post the video but that is proving to be quite difficult. So. Here’s this in the mean time.

    1. (Regarding Kveikur vs. Valtari and how close they are to each other) With Valtari, we didn’t go into a studio and record the album, it’s really a collection of recordings from over the years, some as old as 2005. We were writing Kveikur material while we were compiling Valtari.

    2. (Regarding how different Kveikur is) We never intentionally make something different, it always just happens naturally. The difference with Kveikur is that one, for the first time, we were a three piece band, and two, we produced the record ourselves, which we have never done before. Throughout the recording, we always seemed to be pushing each other, to take things further and more outside the box.

    3. (Regarding Kjartan) The biggest change with Kjartan leaving the band is the dynamic between each other is entirely different. I’m not 100% sure how the dynamics have changed, but they definitely have. The one thing I can say is that there is a lot more communication between us now.

    4. (Regarding Lyrics) The lyrics are always the last thing that we write for the music. The lyrics are inspired by the music itself, the instrumental music. We make the music, and then we listen back to it, and write the lyrics at that point.

    5. (Regarding the lyric video for Isjaki) It was actually something that was suggested to us by our manager. Though, we’re tired of people getting the lyrics wrong for our music (he might have been joking).

    6. (Regarding the Brennisteinn video) We always imagined this… beast, or this monster, waking up, stretching, and maybe yawning.

    7. (Regarding the Valtari Film Experiment) We were very interested in seeing / hearing other people’s interpretation of our music, but we have no plans to do it again.

    8. (What have you been listening to lately?) Led Zeppelin and Spiritualized.

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