1. Why Waiting Outside Of The Venue For Three Hours and then Sneaking Back Into It to Meet Your Favorite Band is Always A Good Idea (Sigur Ros - Santa Barbara)


    allow me to lure you into my story by telling you what you can expect to see if you continue reading


    So, last night, Sigur Ros played at the Santa Barbara Bowl, of course. It was fantastic, of course. The venue was beautiful. It was a bit different of an experience, I was a lot closer, so that was very nice, but the show definitely sounds different at an outdoor venue, compared to an indoor one. I thought that the outdoor venue was louder, but the indoor venue sounded better (sonically, not musically). It could have just been the venues themselves though, of course. Regardless. Sigur can do no wrong. Of course.

    My friends Jennifer (svo-hljott) and Miranda (mirandaarenee) had good luck meeting the boys after their show in Phoenix. I would like to believe I am not a jealous person, but I could not help but be overcome with envy. So we decided we would try again. The layout of the venue (in terms of where the buses were parked) was awkward, so we did the best we could with where we were allowed to camp out. There were just a handful of other people there doing the same. The minutes turned to hours, and at 1:00AM, three hours after the show ended, I was the only one left waiting. However, by that time, all of the venue’s security had gone home, and I was overcome with a rare balance of recklessness and determination, so I walked back into the venue, and went right back stage.

    There were plenty of people around working, but no one seemed to care about me being there, I was never stopped. I started schmoozing with whoever passed me by, trying to figure out where the band was hanging out. I followed accents. The American accents: unhelpful. A man with a Scottish subtly hinted at where I could find their room, and his hints lead me straight there. I wasn’t going to barge in or anything, I’m much more sensible than that. So I waited outside. After a few minutes, a man came out to smoke, so I chatted it up with him. Icelandic accent. I knew I was close. He sounded suspiciously like Georg, too, but I can assure you it was not Kjartan Holm. We chatted about the tour, where they’ve been, what shows they thought were good, what shows they thought were bad, etc. They apparently thought that tonight was really good. I told him that I had just been waiting to say hello, and he told me that they were just getting ready to head back to the buses.

    Moments later, wouldn’t you know it. Jonsi walks out, practically skipping around, light as a feather. He introduces himself, and is immediately followed by Orri, full of smiles, to my surprise. I ask how he is, to which he responds, “I… am………. quite alright, yes, I’m good.” Orri tells me that he wants his hair to look like mine, he seemed to be quite jealous of it. I (of course) ask for a picture, they both put their arms around me, and a few shots are taken. Jonsi smacks Orri’s ass, they exchange a few words in Icelandic, and I walk with the two of them back down to their buses. I attempt to come up with some questions and/or things to say. I still cannot believe this is happening.

    Here is everything I can remember:

    • Georg has family in Los Angeles, and left immediately after the show to go see them.
    • I asked Jonsi some probably dumb stuff that I don’t remember, and about Alex, who is “back at home, working on records.”
    • I tell him that I went to the same college that Alex did. He said “that’s cool.”
    • At this point, ORRI PUTS HIS ARM AROUND ME and asks, “So what do you do?”
    • We talk about music software and computers a bit. I like Ableton Live, he thinks Ableton Live is “pretty good.”
    • The buses are now in sight. Jonsi was either annoyed or tired of talking to me or who knows what else. He starts FLAPPING HIS ARMS LIKE A BIRD AND RUNS OVER AND INTO HIS BUS. Orri and I keep walking.
    • We talk about the tour some. He says “I never know if a show is good or bad until afterwards and I ask everyone else. I’m so focused on playing, I don’t pay attention to much else.”
    • Orri declares that he is “AN ANIMAL” when he is playing the drums.
    • Orri tells me more random things about drums. I tell him that I got one of the drum heads from the show in Denver. He tells me that he is supposed to hit the drum in the same spot every time, but that never happens. It doesn’t bother him though, because it lets him get many sounds out of the same drum.
    • He is very excited about the new album and is very excited about the drums and percussion on it.
    • Most people probably know that Orri smokes, but did you know that he rolls his own cigarettes??? He proceeded to do this as we continued talking.
    • Keep in mind that most of the band is on the bus now, but Orri is still outside, engaging me in conversation, for some reason.
    • He tells me that San Francisco was their favorite show so far, and that they did not like playing Coachella last weekend, and are not excited to play there again for Weekend 2. They don’t really care for the desert, and were annoyed that the band playing on the other stage (Phoenix) was so loud and that the sound bleed was so bad.
    • I tell him that I was thinking of going to Coachella tomorrow to see them one more time, he insists that this is a bad idea and a waste of time and money and that I should not do it. He tells me I should stay at home and eat good food and drink instead. I am going to take his advice.
    • After mentioning drinking, he holds out his fist, to fist bump me, thankfully I caught on. We fist bump. He remarks, “When in Rome, right?”
    • I have been talking to Orri for like half an hour now. I insist that if he needs to get going, I don’t want to keep him.
    • He says that’s probably a good idea. He asks if I have a way to get home or if I need a taxi.
    • I tell him I have a way home, I shake his hand and thank him profusely and wish them well on the rest of the tour. I have not stopped smiling since.

    I get in my car, take my phone out, and find the following pictures:



    Is this real life?

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